About Zellnow

Zellnow is in the business of democratizing ecommerce. We believe that the spirit of entrepreneurship in India needs a platform that is simple to use, affordable, and quick to launch. We don't care that you are small or big. We care that you have the best opportunity to take your products to your prospective customers.

We are made in India with a mission to empower every citizen who dreams of taking their business online.

Our platform is designed to be absolutely simple to use. You can set up the store yourself without being intimidated by jargon, fear of technology, and reliability on so called experts. We are also priced such that cost will not be seen as a barrier to set up your business online.

Insightful and feature rich – that’s what we are, and will constantly strive to work towards. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to best practices and tools when selling online. Right from the order management system all the way to analytics, we are committed to constantly evolve and provide you with an uncompromising experience setting up your shop online.

So go ahead and start your free store today.